Monday, January 14, 2019

Resolve to Read in 2019

EEEK! It's January and that means our 2019 January - June Catalog is officially out and with it are TONS of brand new titles! You can view the online catalog here! Have you made any "READolutions" for the new year? "READolutions" are goals that encourage a love of books and reading! And they are much more fun than your typical new year, new you resolutions, I promise! Plus there is the added bonus of helping your favorite readers fall in love with books- there are infinite benefits to having enthusiastic readers. Here are a few "READolutions" ideas to kick off 2019: 

  • Read to children a minimum of three times per week. Studies show that reading to children increases their vocabulary.
  • Add 5 minutes of reading time each night. Reading to children can strengthen your bond with them.
  • Encourage your reader to research and read more about what intereststhem. Children often take a liking to reading when they can read about topics/subjects that spark their attention.
  • Start a Book Club within the family or branch out and invite friends to join too! Book clubs are a great way to encourage reading and accountability. Plus they're FUN!
  • Read together as a family. Reading together can create an environment of unity, oneness, and closer bonds.
Here's an awesome printable reading challenge from Brightly to keep your READolutions on track! 

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