Thursday, March 28, 2013


Yes, it's that good! No, the crappy pics don't do it justice. I was in too big a hurry to eat it to stop and take a decent picture. This has been my latest guilty paleo pleasure.

1/2 red delicious apple
1/4c raw almonds
1 tbsp Enjoy Life mini chocolate chips
1 tbsp caramelized coconut chips
Drizzle honey (about a teaspoon)

You can thank me later.

Monday, March 25, 2013


Jim and Kellan built a snowman last night. (Never mind Kellan's face, Jim is clearly an excellent photographer.) They came back inside and K was telling me all about it and of course my first thought was, "Oh, how fun!" Then when Jim was putting him to bed he said, "Don't forget to say goodnight to Snowman!" So, Kellan runs over to the window and say, "Goodnight, Snowman, I love you!"

This is no good. He's just humanized Snowman, who will inevitably melt within the next day or two. Greeeaaat. All day long K has been looking out the window checking on Snowman. At one point he even told me, "Mommy! Snowman is so cold! He needs a warm ribbon on his neck!"

Well, sometime in between K's nap a few hours ago and when Jim got home, Snowman's head fell off. Jim pointed it out to me when he came in from work. So I made him go fix it. How traumatic would that be??? He said when he was trying to fix it the whole thing broke and so he recreated it but now it's missing its eyes... Ah well...

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Friday, March 1, 2013

Remedying Reflux with Paleo?

Reflux, reflux, reflux.... The bane of my existence right now. We've been dealing with some pretty intense tummy issues for the little guy ever since he was born. Spitting up (well, more like copious amounts of vom), arching his back until he was practically in a back bend, hiccups, gurgling, not sleeping any longer than 15 minutes at a time, and the crying... Oh dear lord god, the crying. It never ever ends. It's pretty constant, all day, every day, except for the few fleeting moments of smiles and laughs and happy quiet time. But the crying would always start again and it's not like any baby crying I have ever seen. It's shrieking. For hours and hours.

At first the pediatrician tried to tell me he just has colic. I wasn't buying it. First of all, I'm not much of a believer in "colic" even though I've been told my baby has it. I don't believe babies cry for no reason. There is always a reason. And my baby is telling me something is wrong. My gut was telling me this was not okay and it was not normal. Granted, I was spoiled as a first-time mom because my first son was the world's easiest baby who rarely cried. But I knew that even if A was a fussy baby, this was not okay.

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