Friday, January 4, 2019

How We Made Our Fairy & Dinosaur Gardens

Gardening for BeginnersThe holidays are over and we are READY for spring! Unfortunately for us we still have to wait a few months, so we decided to do a spring-y craft instead. We've been wanting to make fairy and dinosaur gardens for a long time, so when I came across these Fairy Garden accessories at Dollar Tree the other day, I loaded my basket! We already had two planter pots full of soil on our back porch that needed something so I designated one of them a fairy pot and the other a dino pot. I am only mildly "crafty", so I was winging it for the most part. I got out my trusty (and yet rarely used) hot glue gun and created a little picket fence for the fairy garden and a wooden pathway for the dinosaur garden out of popsicle sticks AND I only burnt myself once! I really wanted the kids to own their gardens, so I let them design them their own way and just helped with the trickier parts. We used materials we already had on hand (popsicle sticks, beads for Darby's "colorful road", glass marble beads, little dinosaurs, some old Jurassic Park cake toppers, a little paint and glitter...) and made our creations! I think they turned out pretty good! We still need to add some moss and a few plants. Dollar Tree actually had some fake moss with the fairy garden stuff but I would rather have the real thing. We used our Usborne Gardening for Beginners book to choose the plants we like best. We also plan to add in some fairy lights to top it off! Aven thought red glitter might look like lava on the volcano. I'll update with more pics when we've finished them up! Have you made a fairy garden or dino garden? What would you add?

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