Sunday, July 29, 2012

How to Make Your Own Diaper Cream Stick - Cloth Diaper Safe!

We've been using coconut oil for diaper cream since we cloth diaper and it's cloth-safe. We keep a little tupperware bowl of it on the changing table. It works AMAZINGLY well, but every single time I use it, I wish there was an easier way to apply it without getting my hands oily.

I decided to try using an old glue stick or deodorant stick and keeping it in the fridge (so it won't melt and get all runny). It was SO easy to do! I found an old mini-deodorant stick and washed it out.

I mixed a few drops of tea tree oil into the coconut oil as well. Next time I will also add some witch hazel. My coconut oil was semi-soft (not completely liquid). If you use an old deodorant stick, there are holes in the bottom of the base, where the deodorant sits (at least there were in this old Dove mini) so I filled it with softened CO first and let it set up in the freezer until it was firm so the oil wouldn't run into the twisty thing on the bottom.

The "rolled" piece is what fell out of the middle once I twisted it all the way down. I put all the "crumbs" back in and then filled the inside with the coconut oil/tea tree oil mixture all the way to the top. Then made sure to clean up the outside so the lid wouldn't freeze on, put on the lid and stuck it back in the freezer to harden.

Finished product! I think (and hope!) this will be much easier to apply! I'm going to try one on a glue stick base too and see what works best. :)


  1. Great post! I plan to make a stick for my LO. I noticed you mentioned using witch hazel. Just curious, what's the purpose of using witch hazel?

    1. Thanks! I use witch hazel because it reduces inflammation. If there is any sign of a diaper rash, the witch hazel will help soothe it.


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