Thursday, November 23, 2017

A Thanksgiving Story

Thanksgiving Story

Mom never ever gets to get herself fully ready on holidays because she's usually cooking, cleaning, and organizing everyone else. Today she vowed to change that by getting everyone moving early, planning an easy breakfast, and using pre- chopped ingredients for her contribution to the dinner. They WILL be on time. They have to be there at 1130.

Dad declares at 9 that the 3 children all need baths before they leave. He proceeds to lay in bed and watch tv for an hour. Mom reminds him at 930 that the children have had cinnamon rolls and are covered in frosting so now would be a good time for quick baths. At 10, he starts running bath water. They have to be there at 1130.

At 1030, baths are complete yet the shower continues to run with no one it. Mom reminds Dad (who is playing Mario Kart) to turn off the shower. Dad says, "I'm getting in." At 1045, Mom (who is finished cooking and is cleaning up) yells, "Turn off the damn shower or get in it! You are wasting hot water and I would also like to shower today!" Kid turns shower off. Dad suggests Mom shower and quit complaining. Mom suggests Dad take over cleaning and packing up meals. Dad gets mad at Mom. Mom gets in the shower and uses up the rest of the hot water for spite. Dad gets in shower at 1130 to spite mom. Once again they were not there by 1130.

The end.

(Disclaimer: They are grateful for hot water and plumbing and family to fight with. Food to cook and a house to clean.)

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