Saturday, April 16, 2011

Fluffy Friday!

Ok, yes this is posted on Saturday, but it was Fluffy Friday! Yesterday, I we received both Kellan's custom Dr. Seuss diaper from The Giving Tree and his Crawler Covers from Etsy! We had a rough day yesterday (Kellan's fighting a double ear infection), so this was a nice surprise.

I am prepping this diaper like a mad woman so that he can wear it ASAP! I've been wanting a custom from The Giving Tree forever. The Giving Tree is a WAHM shop on Hyena Cart and the owner, Jessica, makes amazing diapers! She has some of the cutest prints around and does a fabulous job on them. She is a former NICU nurse and part of the proceeds from each diaper she sells goes to support The Children's Miracle Network.

I have been on the fence about baby legs for a boy. I love, love, love them on little girls, but boys I wasn't sold on. And then I discovered Crawler Covers thanks to someone mentioning them on one of my parenting forums. They are too cute and I LOVE how they look on Kellan! I don't think they look girly at all, though my dad wasn't a fan when he saw them. I also love that they fit from newborn through 8 years old. (Though, I'm betting they'd be pretty big on a newborn.) It's so hard to find cute accessories and things for boys, so I'm always thrilled when I finally find something fun!

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