Sunday, January 29, 2017

What have we done??

Along with much of the country, I've approached the end of January with overwhelming trepidation, knowing that the moment our new president was sworn in, my home -- our home -- would never be the same. I wanted to be wrong. I WANT to be wrong. But the cards are falling exactly the way we anticipated they would and our biggest fears and horrors are being realized.

I woke up this morning a citizen of a country who had closed its doors to those begging and pleading for help and mercy with nowhere else to go. How can we be so cold and so cruel? Images of these refugees once again fill my newsfeed to remind us of what we are doing, of who we are turning away. A 5 year old boy, bloodied, scared, in shock, covered in dust, all alone in an ambulance. Bombed out of his bed while he slept. A 3 year old boy, so small, innocent,  washed up drowned on a beach. A father holding his children to his chest tightly, with all of his being, while tears stream down his face.

The first time I saw these images my heart shattered in a million pieces and I stopped what I was doing and hugged my kids and I thanked my God for the  privilege I have of being an American and that this isn't my reality, that my babies are safe and my family is safe. These images were burned into my brain then, as they are now. I will never forget. I remember feeling so grateful when I read that my city would be allowing in refugees and providing help. I searched for ways I too could help, even though I don't have much to give. How can we say no, it's not our problem?

At what point have we set aside basic human decency to turn our backs on those desperate for help? Instead America, you gloat about saving yourself, preserving all of your "treasures" for your own while others are suffering and dying. You call them names and make accusations that they are coming to take what's yours. You say, "What about our own who need our help? Aren't they important?" Then you count your blessings, with no intention of even helping our own, while these people mourn their babies, their lives, and live in a constant state of fear.

Oh my God, America... what have we done? WHAT HAVE WE DONE??? Is THIS truly what makes us great?

I am beyond grateful for the MANY who stood up and screamed that this is wrong, for the ACLU for taking immediate action, and for a federal judge who wasn't afraid to take a stand. The very worst thing we can be right now is silent. Now is the time and now is the hour.

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