Thursday, March 31, 2011


I just finished putting together Chase's April Fool's joke for tomorrow. He is spending the night tonight and is SO excited about tomorrow being April Fool's, so I had to do something! Now I wish I had taken pictures of it, but oh well...

He takes a morning snack to school every day, usually either these Keebler Bug Bites (little graham crackers), Scooby Snacks, or a Rice Krispy treat. I opened up a bag of Scooby Snacks on the seam, poured them into a ziploc, and then rinsed out and dried the Scooby Snacks bag, filled it with colored Goldfish then resealed it on the seam with a glue stick, so it looks like it's never been opened.

Then I opened a bag of Doritos on the seam and dumped the chips into a Ziploc, rinsed and dried that bag and put the Scooby Snacks bag w/the Goldfish inside it. In the Doritos bag, there is a big note that says "APRIL FOOL'S! Have a great day! We love you! Love, Jim, Erin, and Kellan" stuck to the Scooby Snacks bag and inside the Scooby Snacks bag with the Goldfish, I slipped another note that says "APRIL FOOL'S AGAIN!" He's going to freak out, LOL.

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